What is Homeopathy?

Homoeopathy is a natural, holistic, method of treatment. Homoeopathy is an alternative medicine that claims to stimulate their own natural healing and strengthen the body's ability to heal.

Is homoeopathy safe?

Homoeopathy is a very effective alternative medical therapy that is absolutely safe and natural; it does not have any side effects. This is because homoeopathic medicines are made from a very small amount of active ingredients.

Can I use homoeopathy with allopathic treatment?

Yes, Homeopathy doesn’t interfere with conventional medicine and should be seen as a complementary treatment, not as an alternative.

For how long does one need to take homoeopathic medicines?

Homoeopathic treatment depends on a lot of conditions of your illness; you might see an improvement within a few weeks of starting Homeopathic treatment, or it might take time even for a while to see positive results.

How does homoeopathy help? Can homoeopathy treat all types of illnesses?

Homoeopathic medicines can provide relief in both acute as well as a chronic illness. Homoeopathy has proven to be effective in the treatment of chronic cases, such as arthritis, asthma, depression, Thyroid, Liver, Kidney, Joint Pain, Stones in Gall Bladder & Kidneys, Skin Diseases, Child Learning Issues, Hypertension, Obesity, Diabetes, Gastric & Irritable Bowel Issues, Memory Loss, Migraine, hormonal imbalances, Infertility, women’s health issues like PCOS / PCOD, menopause and others. It can also be very useful in the treatment of minor ailments, from cuts and bruises to coughs and acute colds.

Are there any food restrictions during the Homeopathic treatment?

Yes, the patient is only advised to avoid eating or drinking 15 minutes before or after taking homoeopathic medication. Certain food restrictions are mandatory in any system of medicine for effective treatment as these can hinder the action of the homoeopathic medicine or antidote the effects of the medicine.

Do homoeopathic medicines have steroids?

All Homoeopathic medicines are prepared by using scientific methods of extracting medicinal properties from natural substances. Therefore, using steroids is against the philosophy of homoeopathy. There is no scope or need to adulterate the derived medicines with any other substances, as this would eliminate the curative properties of the medicine.

If the patient has any doubts they should check the medicines from a standard laboratory before consuming them.

Does homoeopathic treatment need a diagnosis and pathological investigations?

Yes. Homoeopathy also needs to evaluate your condition thoroughly to diagnose a disease and pathological investigations are also important. The disease symptoms can give your doctor adequate information about the progress of your condition presence of disease-causing and several other medical facts that will help them to suggest an appropriate medication, thereby saving your money and time.

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